Also by Bill Schutt

Zoologist and author of “Cannibalism: A Perfectly Natural History”, Schutt’s latest nonfiction, “Pump: A Natural History of the Heart”, received amazing reviews from The Wall Street Journal, Publishers Weekly, Library Journal and elsewhere. Schutt is currently working on a book about teeth and a new thriller series.

Praise for Bill’s Books

Schutt is a biology professor with a rare gift for making biology dramatic. His accounts… are hair-raising… gripping and often disturbing.

The Times of London on Eat Me

“…one fascinating and bizarre example after another… a jolly book, written in a breezy style, but the research behind it is impressive… Cannibalism restores my faith in humanity.”

The New York Times on Cannibalism

This one pushes the envelope to the edge and beyond, with tension and imagination that crackles from the first page. A terrific story, terrifically told.

Steve Berry on Hell’s Gate

Hell’s Gate has everything I love in a book: rip-roaring action, strange-but-authentic science, and characters that pop right off the page. An adventure that harkens to the glory days of H. Rider Haggard and H.G. Wells. Warning: Do NOT miss this debut!

James Rollins on Hell’s Gate

…masterful and compulsively readable…

Ian Tattersall on Cannibalism

I was totally absorbed by this thoroughly charming and scientifically accurate account.

E. O. Wilson on Dark Banquet